Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Unity (UNITY) is a Waves (WAVES) asset on their blockchain so your wallet address and backup seed phrase are on the same blockchain that powers the Waves DEX (decentralized exchange). This makes using the native exchange very easy. Create wallet, deposit BTC, purchase UNITY.

  1. Go to your referrers link
  2. Click create wallet
  3. Create a password and fill info
  4. Save your Backup Seed Phrase (Important)
  5. Welcome to the Unity Wallet
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Get Started" in top right
  3. Setup a password can be anything
  4. Close the popup that comes after
  5. Click "Import accounts" white box at bottom
  6. Select "Seed or Key"
  7. Enter Your Backup Seed Phrase from above
  8. Under Wallet > Dashboard click "Receive" on Bitcoin
  9. Deposit Bitcoin to your wallet
  10. When done, click Exchange
  11. Top left, search for "UNITY"
  12. Click "UNITY / BTC"

You can confirm it is the correct asset because the small ID number under will begin with "6Mz..." and there will be a large sell order from us for ~100k UNITY at a price of 0.0001 BTC per token

Remember the passwords used on Unity and Waves sites are local only so you can set anything but remember them. Also remember the exchange above is a DEX Decentralized Exchange which means your wallet is your account. When you buy on the exchange it goes directly from the selling wallet to you securely.. so you will see your tokens instantly in your wallet.

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