Rebranding to Unity.Cash

Feb 9, 2021

We would like to announce that since last month we purchased the domain and have been rebranding and moving everything under the domain as a better representation of our goal as a global product and not country specific (as our old domain was This branding will be rolled out through our site and app this month as we wrap-up and move towards launch. Since the completion of the API v2 last month our team has been at work refactoring the Unity Wallet to the new API which used a different protocol and required a complete update in code. This has been completed and the wallet is back up. Beyond the adaption of our beta wallet to the new API we have 4 main features to complete for our launch in about a month from now. Each feature requires some work on both front and backend so we will keep everyone update as this goes. These are Portfolio Page, Referral Program, Multi-Currency Swaps, and Debit/Credit Card support. The proprietary diversification algorithms are also on a final stage of testing which will combine with the new utilities and swapping in the ecosystem to provide value for the main token. Thanks you.

Development Updates and Bug Info

Oct 27, 2020

Just a quick update. Some may have noticed the price is not showing in the wallet. This is due to development of our API v2 which will replace our old API. It stopped working yesterday I believe due to changing some table structures. We made the breaking change because the new API is needed for our new backend management which has helped us improve, test, and apply better risk management that we've worked a lot on this year. Also the old API was unable to read certain accounts and exchanges that will be used going forward so we're trying to finish this up as soon as possible but with the speed devs are going it may be end of month due to some changes also on the Waves API side as well. Was planning to do an update when API v2 came out as it would include some wallet updates but since we had a breaking update that will make price not show in wallet for maybe the next week I wanted to announce that now. Once API v2 is done there will also be some time to add the additional data in to our team backend as well as the Wallet front end. Thanks.